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JD Vance Talks Economics, Immigration, Trade, And More

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What just happened with the elections in France? Here’s our analysis.

We interviewed Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity on what it’s like to start your own think tank.

Our analysis of last week’s Biden Executive Order on the border.

#Populism – Another great iteration of the “smart populism” that many want to see emerge: this long interview of J.D. Vance by New York Times conservative columnist Ross Douthat. The policy aspect is interesting, but so is the point that part of the purpose of a political movement is to give voice to the concerns of the people it represents. It also described from the inside the path of someone who started a moderate conservative and was “radicalized” during the Trump years, a path with which your correspondent sympathizes. It’s a bit of a long read but we sincerely recommend it.

#Trade #IndustrialPolicy #Energy – “In June 2022, President Joe Biden implemented an unprecedented 24-month moratorium on tariffs targeting Chinese solar panels and invoked a Cold War-era law in an effort to spur domestic clean energy manufacturing. The president characterized the action as a two-year ‘bridge’ that would allow American companies to catch up to their Chinese competitors. Two years later, the policy has expired and the federal government has infused billions of dollars of taxpayer funding into solar projects nationwide, but the United States has an even tinier solar panel market share relative to China and only a small fraction of domestic electricity is generated by solar” More.

#VeteransAffairs – The Federal government spends $13 billion every year on military-to-civilian employment transition programs, surely a very worthy and important goal. How well do these programs work? Not very, according to a new and thorough RAND study.

#TheEconomy #Inflation – At the American Institute for Economic Research, Senior Economist Peter C. Earle analyzes the May 2024 CPI numbers. Bottomline: the data suggests potential rate cuts by the Fed; however, additional data is necessary to confirm a sustained downward trend in inflation.

#CostOfLiving – The cost of owning and maintaining a home has increased drastically, according to a new report.

#Drugs – The Tax Foundation makes an important point in a new report: states make a lot of money from taxing “medical” marijuana. This increases the political incentive to keep the pot flowing, even as more and more evidence is piling up that we have underrated the dangers of habitual cannabis use.

#LGBT – A federal judge has halted the Biden Administration’s Title IX rule redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity.” Link.

#LGBT – Meanwhile, the NIH held a symposium on sex and gender–and invited only gender radicals.

#Energy – The Hamilton Institute makes the case for a Federal Grid Planning Authority.

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In spite of Dobbs, abortions in the US have been increasing.

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