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Friday Essays And Morning Briefing

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What just happened with the elections in France? Here’s our analysis.

We interviewed Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity on what it’s like to start your own think tank.

Our analysis of last week’s Biden Executive Order on the border.

As per usual on Fridays, links to the best journal essays this week. But first, your policy links and commentary.

#FamilyPolicy – Dads matter. The American Institute for Boys and Men marshals all the evidence that shows it.

#Trade – The Cato Institute has put together an extensive primer on tariffs. Obviously it shares Cato’s pro-free trade perspective. We would be happy to share a similar document written from the opposite perspective.

#DEI – Many people are discussing a potential “vibe shift” when it comes to resistance to woke ideas. An example is hot Silicon Valley company Scale AI which has published a statement saying that they will hire for “MEI: merit, excellence, and intelligence.”

#LGBT – Another judge has invalidated the Biden DOE’s rule redefining Title IX’s protection of “sex” to include “gender identity.” Via

#Education – State attorneys general in 18 states have banded together to sue the Biden administration over the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan, which is slated to cost taxpayers between $250 to $750 billion. More from AEI’s Beth Akers and Michael Brickman.

Friday Essays

We already linked to it, but we have to do it again as this is genuinely one of the best, most important essays we can remember reading in a long time. In City Journal, N.S. Lyons details the history of the Ford Foundation and its role as a bastion of elite liberalism funding far-left radicalism. This truly goes a very long way towards explaining why the left-wing NGO blob is, and is what it is. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand our current moment.

The Spring 2024 issue of Modern Age, which has found new life under editor Daniel McCarthy, is out. Here’s what’s in it: “Chilton Williamson on Robert Kaplan’s chastened foreign policy; David Gordon on Samuel Moyn’s critique of Cold War liberals; David Hein on John Burtka’s guide to the literature of statesmanship; Noah Millman on Dune, film and novel; Paul Seaton on Raymond Aron; Christopher Sanford on Joseph Conrad; John Rodden on Kant at 300 (and under fire for racism); yours truly on dictatorship, the right, and liberal foreign policy; poems curated by James Matthew Wilson; and much more!”

Conservatives tend to idealize civil society and its “little platoons.” But, asks the very sharp-eyed writer Matt Feeney at American Compass, have we gone overboard? Has civil society become part of the problem?

The New Atlantis: “In a new book, the pioneer who figured out how to get to Mars imagines how to stay there.” Fascinating review.

At UnHerd, Kathleen Stock, surely courting no controversy, writes that “Mama Swifties need to grow up.”

Here’s what the editors of Public Discourse are reading this Summer.

Chart of the Day

CBO: revenues are 10% higher compared to this time last year, but spending is 8% higher. In the first 8 months of FY 2024, the deficit is already $1.2 trillion.

Meme of the Day

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