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Biden Amnesty

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#Immigration – The Biden Administration is preparing a massive amnesty. CBS has the details.

#Infrastructure – Important new research from RAND, surveying threats to critical infrastructure.

#Environmentalism – R Street’s excellent energy analyst Josiah Neeley has a very useful primer on plastic pollution and how to fix it.

#Crypto – The central bank of New Zealand is opening a consultation on central bank digital currencies. Brownstone Institute has more.

#K12 – How the next Republican Administration could “roll back the transgender administrative revolution in K-12 schools.”

#SocialIssues – Kentucky becomes the latest state to drive out PornHub by putting in place an age verification law.

#Life – At The Public Discourse, EPPC’s Nathanael Blake discusses the politics of the pro-life movement post-Dobbs.

#Economics – Interesting new paper from NBER on place-based economic development.

#LGBT – IWF’s Prisha Mosley: “Gender ideology robbed me of my childhood and future health

#Tech – A bill passed by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology on Thursday aims to supplement the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s funding levels by creating a nonprofit foundation to fuel private-sector and philanthropic partnerships. More.

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