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Industrial Policy Minus DEI

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#AmericanManufacturing #DEI – Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has a plan to fix the CHIPS Act, by keeping the subsidies but eliminating onerous labor regulations, especially those concerning DEI.

#TaxPolicy – One of the least examined aspects of the Inflation Reduction Act is that Democrats used the budget reconciliation process and the tax code as a way to get policy gains, achieving so many of their goals through the tax code, such as labor, climate, and industrial policy. And the House and Senate parliamentarians approved all these. Now, Tax Notes reports, the IRS has issued final regs regarding the increased credit amounts or the increased deduction amount available for taxpayers satisfying prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship requirements established by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

#TaxPolicy – Speaking of, the Tax Foundation–whose online materials are consistently impressive–has a good outline of the Trump campaign’s income tax and tariff proposals so far.

#TeenMentalHealth – Much is being written about the mental health epidemic among teenagers. One argument is that this is overstated because of increased reporting. Maybe. But Jean Twenge at the Institute for Family Studies points out that ER admissions for self-harm among teen girls are also up.

#Immigration – Good essay at National Affairs on the unprecedented scale and cost of illegal immigration.

#Environment – Important reminder: “organic” food isn’t necessarily better for the climate. “Organic” was invented by green activists with only a passing knowledge of the challenges involved in agriculture. The best that can be said about it is that there is a positive, though imperfect, correlation between a product being “organic” and its farmer taking good care of his products.

#LGBTQ – Suzanne Bowdey at the Washington Stand notices something interesting: during this year’s “Pride Month”, corporations have significantly toned down their flag displays and other visible signs of LGBT celebrations, perhaps a sign of the vaunted anti-woke “vibe shift.”

#SCOTUS – Important from Amber Duke in The Spectator: “The Left-Wing Plot to Delegitimize the Court

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