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Loper Bright Is Already Having An Impact On Regulation

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#LoperBrightGood reporting from National Review’s Dominic Pino on two examples on how the demise of Chevron will help small business fight onerous regulations.

#FamilyPolicy – EPPC’s Patrick Brown, one of the sharpest family policy analysts out there (and a friend and supporter of PolicySphere–hi Patrick!) has a good article for the Institute for Family Studies pointing out that there is a lot conservatives can do to support families–but that in order to do that they have to moderate their urges to downsize government.

#TaxPolicy – A new report from CBO predicts that, after the upcoming expirations of the TCJA, income tax revenue will jump 11 percent in 2026 and another 10 percent in 2027. As Tax Foundation’s Nicolo Pastrone and Erica York point out, another way of looking at these numbers is that they will hammer the economy. This highlights the importance of the 2025 tax reform window.

#CongressImportant report from AFP’s Kurt Couchman, writing for the moderate Ripon Society on how to reform the operations of congressional committees to make Congress work better.

#PublicHealth – Freddie DeBoer, an idiosyncratic left-wing writer always worth reading (even when he is infuriating, which is often), who has written movingly about his own mental health struggles, writes in favor of forcing the mentally ill into treatment.

#Crime #Drugs – Important new paper from Zachary Porreca at Bocconi University (the top economics university in Italy), making a very strong argument for the idea that, contrary to left-wing rhetoric, “extremely locationally specific interventions can disrupt regional markets for illegal drugs.” It’s a fascinating paper throughout, using both granular analysis of data from Philadelphia efforts to disrupt open air drug markets and theory. This is in line with the findings of Manhattan Institute’s excellent crime policy analyst, Charles Fain Lehman, in his report on 21st century drug policing.

#Homelessness – Speaking of crime and drugs, an important new ruling from SCOTUS will change homelessness policy, by striking down Ninth Circuit precedents overturning local laws against street sleeping and camping. Manhattan Institute’s Judge Glock explains.

#LGBT #WomensRights – Big victory for women. Another federal court ruled against the Biden Administration’s Title IX rule that interprets “sex” to include “gender identification. Heritage’s Sarah Parshall Perry writes: “If you’re keeping score at home, this is the 5th federal court to tell the Biden Administration to go pound sand over its rulemaking that eviscerates women’s equality, free speech, and due process on campus.”

#LGBT #WomensRights – Speaking of, on the other side, feminist groups such as the National Women’s Law Center are making truly radical arguments in favor of the rule.

#Immigration – New report from the Center for Immigration Studies: “Increase of the Foreign-Born Population in the American South Far Outpaces Other Regions

#Infrastructure #Energy – Installation of the country’s largest offshore wind farm began in earnest just two months ago off the coast of Virginia, and the Biden administration announced Friday it will be auctioning another even bigger wind energy lease sale off the coast of the commonwealth, reports Morgan Sweeney at Just The News.

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