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Young Families Are Fleeing America’s Big Cities

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#FamilyPolicy – The pandemic and associated troubles caused many families, especially families with young children, to flee America’s big cities. Since then the phenomenon has gone unabated. This important new report from the Economic Innovation Group charts this phenomenon.

#Bipartisanship – Is bipartisanship still possible? Is policymaking still possible? We want to believe the answer is yes. So does Arnold Ventures, which rightly hails the unanimous passage of the Federal Prison Oversight Act.

#LGBT – Another important report: the American Principles Project has a new report on what they call the Gender-Industrial Complex: the nexus of private industry and academia that is pushing unproven so-called therapies on young people.

#Reg – If you’re a regular Morning Briefing reader, you will know that the Biden Administration has been waging a quiet war on household appliances under the guise of environmentalism. IWF’s Gabriella Hoffman has more.

#FreeSpeech – The House Judiciary Committee has just put out a new and important report on how the world’s biggest brands seek to control online speech.

#FreeSpeech – Speaking of free speech, Thomas Massie has put forward a bill that would prohibit the funding of research of disinformation and online trust and security. The problem with such “research” is that in practice it has ended up as a means for government-funded activists to pressure Big Tech giants into censoring online information. Cato has more.

#AI #Healthcare – R Street has started a series on a topic of great interest to us: AI and public health. This article points out that doctors have a hard time keeping up with the gigantic, never-ending flood of medical literature, and AI can help.

#ElectionIntegrity – Yesterday the House voted on the SAVE Act, which would bar noncitizens from voting in US elections. 198 Democrats voted against the measure. Via.

#AI – The state of Georgia is not abandoning its efforts to regulate AI all on its own. Marc Hyden of R Street on why that may be a bit too ambitious.

#TaxPolicy #SupplySide – Art Laffer vindicated? Federal tax revenues since TCJA have exceeded CBO forecasts, even adjusting for unexpected inflation. More at Tax foundation.

#GoodGovernance – Josh Hawley introduced a bipartisan bill to stop lawmakers from trading stocks.

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