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PolicySphere Morning Briefing – March 22, 2024

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Happy Friday!

#Realignment #Antitrust – 14 prominent conservatives wrote a letter to the DOJ to support its antitrust action against Apple. (Via) The conservative realignment on antitrust is a fascinating development and we will have more soon.

#FundingBill – The House is tentatively set to vote on the funding package today, although it may be a rocky ride for Speaker Johnson. Via Punchbowl News. Heritage Action is opposing the bill, meanwhile the Freedom Caucus points out that it includes giveaways to LGBT & pro-abortion groups.

#TikTok – Axios reports that Senators got a “shocking” classified briefing about TikTok’s potential to spy on Americans. Heritage’s Kara Frederick had documented TikTok’s spying potential in this good report.

#BigTech #OpenSourceAI – A big battlefront in the discussion over AI and Big Tech is the role of open source AI. Yesterday R Street submitted a letter supporting open source AI.

#Immigration J.D. Vance Introduces Bill to Prohibit Universities from Hiring Illegal Aliens. The bill would prohibit an institution of higher education that employs unauthorized aliens from receiving funds from federal student assistance or federal institutional aid.

#ImmigrationDistrict Court Judge Rules Illegal Alien Cannot Be Prosecuted for Possessing Firearm. This could possibly set up a Supreme Court ruling on alien rights.

#Immigration – Less than 30% of people who apply for asylum are ultimately granted asylum. (Via) How many of the people denied asylum do go back?

#ClassicalEdAgoge launches; it is a new organization dedicated to supporting classical education in America.

#Chyna – The House unanimously passed a bill banning data brokers from selling data to China. Via SCMP.

#PublicSectorUnions – “A new collective-bargaining agreement between the TSA and its federal-employee union will make them even less helpful” – Judge Glock, Manhattan Institute

Chart of the Day

Teen happiness was increasing until the 2010s, and then plummeted. Another argument for smartphones causing the teen mental health epidemic? Source

Meme of the Day

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