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PolicySphere Morning Briefing – April 5, 2024

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#Housing – Heritage’s EJ Antoni with a depressing report on how increasing numbers of Americans have to live out of their cars because they can’t afford housing. America seems to be heading in a European direction where an aging population’s dominance over the electoral process leads to NIMBY policies which ensure the younger generations can’t get on the property ladders. The socioeconomic consequences are sad, but this also seems like a recipe for far-left political radicalization of the young. Related: Cato’s podcast on the Biden Administration’s misguided plan to hand out money to homeowners.

#AdministrativeState – “White House Announces Plan To Protect Bureaucrats From Being Fired By New Trump Admin

#TikTokDivestment – Joel Thayer, of Digital Progress Institute, and Joshua Levine, of the Foundation for American Innovation, with a case for the constitutionality of the TikTok divestment bill, for the Federalist Society.

#AI – Competitive Enterprise Institute has come out with model legislation on AI regulation which, predictably, falls on the less-regulatory side.

#Trade – Cato’s Scott Lincicome, one of the most effective advocates for free trade, with a list of trade “facts” drawn from the Economic Report of the President. This will get trade skeptics’ teeth on edge… Related: Cato has a new paper on digital trade in services.

#Trans – Manhattan Institute’s Leor Sapir in the Hill: “The reckoning over puberty blockers has arrived” Quote: “Major American medical associations say that ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids is ‘medically necessary’ and ‘life-saving.’ Health authorities in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the U.K. disagree.”

#PublicHealth – “Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unfortunate decline in policy interest in preparations for the next one.” That sounds like an oversight.

#NetNeutrality – The FCC is, for some reason, taking up net neutrality rules. Yesterday we quoted former FCC chairman Ajit Pai calling it a “civic religion” among some tech activists; today R Street Institute released a statement on the issue, the contents of which you can probably guess at.

#IRS – You tell us whether this counts as legitimate policy news, but it’s too funny not to relay: an IRS agent who “worked from home” was busted golfing on the clock 168 times. Americans for Tax Reform has the story. Perhaps the IRS doesn’t need those tens of thousands of new agents after all…

#Immigration – “Biden and Mayorkas have “created a ‘shadow’ Immigration and Nationality Act, totally divorced from the will of Congress, through the perversion of the quite circumscribed parole power that Congress itself had bestowed upon them.” – CIS’s George Fishman. “Today, America First Legal, Ken Paxton, and 20 Attorneys General filed an urgent motion in federal court to stop Biden’s secret migrant flights depositing illegals from crime-plagued nations directly into US cities.” More here.

#DEI – The Biden DOJ has published an “Equity Action Plan.” According to America First Legal, Biden “has directed the FBI and federal law enforcement to use their vast powers to advance racial and gender hierarchies.” Stephen Miller calls it a “DEI police state.” More here.

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