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DEI Madness and Disappearing Kidneys – PolicySphere Morning Briefing – April 16, 2024

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#DEI – “The Science department at Australia’s most prestigious university, is now offering a course in ‘Indigenous Mathematics,’ in an effort to ‘decolonise maths.'” We can’t wait to ride on a plane designed using Indigenous Mathematics. (Press release)

#DEI – According to a new lawsuit by America First Legal, the Biden Administration IRS is deciding who to audit on the basis of race. Here is their article on the case.

#DEI – After the hilarious failure that was “LatinX”, it looks like progressive groups are now trying to promote “Latine” as the new PC gender-neutral term for Hispanic. Right.

#Healthcare – This seems suboptimal: “One quarter of all kidneys from organ donors get thrown in the trash.” According to the publication Statecraft, this is because a single company has cornered a monopoly on organ procurement.

#ScienceImportant new initiative aimed at rooting out scientific fraud. In unrelated news, another Harvard professor has been caught plagiarizing. Including plagiarizing her undergraduates. And blog posts. Her research topic? Honesty. Yes, this is apparently real.

#LGBTA California mother may soon be allowed to have her son castrated without the father’s permission because she believes her son is transgender.

#TikTokDivestment – “A former TikTok data employee says he was assigned a fake US manager so the company could claim separation from China, but was actually reporting to a Beijing-based ByteDance exec, who had him regularly email U.S. data to ByteDance workers in China.” (Fortune)

#CHIPSAct #AmericanManufacturing – After a $10+ billion deal with TSMC, the Biden Administration has announced a $6 billion deal with Samsung to expand in Texas. (Via Joe Weisenthal)

#Crime – Homicides are down significantly in the most murderous cities in America (though still up from pre-BLM levels). Manhattan Institute’s Charles Fain Lehman, for our money the best crime expert in America, had this interpretation, which to us seems astute: “Seems like the 2020 wave followed the exact same pattern as the 2014 wave: massive anti-police protests, reduction in police proactivity, increase in offending among high-frequency offenders, mean reversion.”

#Family – An increasing number of young people say they don’t want to have children. Institute for Family Studies’ Robert VerBruggen analyzes this worrying new trend.

#Budget #Entitlements – From CRFB: “Trust Fund Solvency Could Stabilize the Debt

#FinReg – According to Cato, the CFPB’s attempt to limit overdraft fees and nonsuficiennt fund fees has created a regulatory “mess”.

    #JobCreationNikki Haley joins the Hudson Institute.

    Chart of the Day

    San Francisco has stopped enforcing traffic violations. (Via Alec Stapp)

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