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Links And Friday Essays – PolicySphere Morning Briefing – April 19, 2024

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#FamilyPolicy – Single mothers have higher rates of psychological distress, Brookings notes, and notes that a bigger child tax credit might help.

#TaxPolicy – The Tax Foundation’s Alex Muresianu looks at the US corporate tax code’s treatment of R&D expenses, which he feels is uncompetitive, noting that China has adopted an aggressive policy of allowing companies to deduct up to 200% (!) of their R&D expenses.

#Regulation – CEI’s Clyde Wayne Crews with the case for a regulatory budget.

#Crypto #Regulation – The Biden Administration has produced an innocuous-seeming environmental “survey” of the cryptocurrency mining industry. In reality, AEIR explains, this is a political attack. The crypto industry has a strong libertarian bent, and so it’s not hard to see why the Biden Administration might seek to punish it simply for existing.

#Environment – Remember when we kept getting told that bees were disappearing, and that this would (somehow) cause environmental armaggeddon? Well, that’s over, and apparently, according to CEI’s Richad Morrison, we have capitalism to thank for it.

#Trade – Cato’s Scott Lincicome with the free trader’s case against retaliating against Chinese industrial subsidies. Libertarians are not always right but they’re almost always worth listening to.

#Privacy – Heckuva headline from the Texas Public Policy Foundation: “Stalin didn’t need warrants, but he would have wished for the U.S. government’s ability to buy American citizens’ data from data brokers.”

Friday Essays

At First Things, Mark Brauerlein takes a look at Ralston College, an encouraging startup conservative liberal arts college in Georgia.

Also in this month’s issue of First Things, Mateusz Stróżyński writes about contemporary culture’s striking fear of death.

From The New Atlantis: Why headlines blaming extreme weather on climate change don’t hold up, the peril of catastrophism, and the case that we’re actually safer than ever before.

Fascinating and prescient article from The New Atlantis‘ Ari Schulman from 2015 questioning whether health authorities’ use of the term “airborne” to describe some viruses even makes sense.

For Public Discourse, EPPC’s Patrick T Brown interviews Institute for Family Studies’ Brad Wilcox about his new book, “Get Married.” Self-recommending.

A look at the importance of religious liberty as part of the American Founding in the Claremont Review of Books.

Also in the Claremont Review of Books: the untimely death of the late great Angelo Codevilla was a significant loss to American conservative thought. Here is Claremont’s review of his “final critique of our ruling class’s corruption.”

Chart of the Day

Via the CFRB: the 10-Year continues to rise… We don’t have to explain to this audience what this might mean for the national debt and the sustainability of US Federal government deficits…

Meme of the Day

Fact-check: true.

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