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Links And Friday Essays – PolicySphere Morning Briefing – May 10, 2024

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Lots of new content on PolicySphere these past few days: our analysis of the Antisemitism Awareness Act, which recently passed the House on a bipartisan basis, and is accused by some on the right of threatening speech (our answer: potentially yes); our interview with Jeremy Carl on his important new book The Unprotected Class; and most recently, our exclusive interview with Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, one of the most substantive interviews you’ll see on this crucial policy issue, as well as our interview with American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin, on the budget, drug pricing, and more..

Our “Friday Essays” feature has gotten positive feedback so we’re going to do it every week. But first, your policy links…

#Housing – AEI’s Tobias Peter with a clarion call for increasing housing supply at the local level. We have been skeptical of the “YIMBY” movement but we point out that housing costs are one of the main barriers to family formation and a key source of generational tension in our policy.

#Demographics – Demographer Nicholas Eberstadt: “In the decades ahead, East Asia will experience perhaps the modern world’s most dramatic demographic shift. All of the region’s main states—China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—are about to enter into an era of depopulation” Read the rest at Foreign Affairs. Obviously this is not just a problem for East Asia…

#Trans – Watch the story of Hannah Holtmeier, plaintiff in a lawsuit after she was forced to live with a biological male in a sorority house.

#Trans – Speaking of: Surfing organization pulls about-face on trans inclusion after pressure from California Coastal Commission. After initially ruling that trans-identifying males would not be allowed to participate in the women’s division of a surfing competition in California, the American Longboard Association reversed its decision.

#DEI – Brownstone Institute keeps track of DACODAI, a DoD committee charged with implementing DEI in the Pentagon, and its secretive ways.

#Porn – Via AEI: Fifth Circuit Defies Supreme Court to Uphold Texas Age Verification Law for Pornography

#Reg – Cato with another shot across the bow against occupational licensing regulations.

Friday Essays

At First Things, Peter Leithart, whose writings we always enjoy, compares Augustine’s day–and his contemplation of the decline and impending Fall of the Roman Empire–to our own.

Speaking of First Things, we would be remiss not to point out that they have opened a new annual poetry prize!

We were very struck by this month’s issue of Chronicles magazine, exploring the issue of anti-white racism. In this issue, Jeremy Carl (whom we interviewed recently about his book The Unprotected Class) writes about the importance of calling out anti-white racism, and Steve Sailer points out that anti-white racism is central to the Democratic Party’s political strategy.

In The Public Discourse, an interview with the inestimable Tim Carney on what makes America so family-unfriendy.

In Modern Age, J.C. Scharl reviews Patrick Deneen’s new book, Regime Change.

In Law & Liberty, the esteemed Dr Samuel Gregg eviscerates the latest book by leftist economics Nobel Prize winner joseph Stiglitz.

Chart of the Day

Via Heritage’s Richard A. Stern, this is interest debt payments on the national debt over GDP. Pretty self-explanatory.

Meme of the Day

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