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The Biden War on Appliances; What Just Happened in France

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What just happened with the elections in France? Here’s our analysis.

We interviewed Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity on what it’s like to start your own think tank.

Our analysis of yesterday’s Biden Executive Order on the border.

#WarOnAppliances – If you have been reading the briefing for a while, you’ll know that the Biden Administration has been engaged in really alarming under-the-radar regulatory mania, and that most of this regulatory frenzy has to do with environmental goals. The Daily Caller News Foundation has a good overview of the DOE’s regulatory push aimed at household appliances.

#ImmigrationOur analysis of the Biden EO on the border showed that it was toothless. Turns out, it is even more so. Fox’s Bill Melugin has obtained an internal Border Patrol memo instructing agents to release most immigrants they catch.

#Immigration #LaborMarket – The government’s new household survey confirms a fact we have been highlighting: the vast majority of employment gains since the pandemic has gone to immigrants. More from the Center for Immigration Studies.

#NGOPlexImportant report from N.S. Lyons at City Journal on the Ford Foundation and its key role in funding so much of the left-wing craziness occuring everywhere. Quote: “It would be easy to assume, as many conservatives have done for years, that based on its actions, the Ford Foundation must itself be run by some Marxoid cabal. But little evidence suggests that this is true. Rather, if anything, the reality appears worse: the foundation’s often bewilderingly destructive actions result from its complete faith in the superiority of liberal technocratic expertise to engineer a more perfect society from the top down.”

#Energy – R Street’s very sharp energy analyst Josiah Neeley has a good piece out on the growth of the carbon capture market.

#TaxPolicy – Everybody is sharpening their knives in anticipation of tax reform coming up in 2025 necessitated by deadlines embedded in TCJA. With this in mind, NFIB President Brad Close published an editorial in the Washington Times, saying: “The first and most important thing Congress should do is cut small businesses’ taxes permanently.” (Link)

#DEIImportant report from the Brownstone Institute on how DEI has corrupted the Air Force Academy.

#PublicHealth – You may have learned that a variant of the bird flu has jumped from animal to man. And if you remember anything between 2020 and now, you’ll know that this event is getting a lot of people terrified. Not so fast, says the Brownstone Institute, whose coverage of public health issues has been nonpareil.

#Crypto #FinRegCato Institute has a good writeup on the so-called Blockckain Integrity Act, which establish a two‐​year moratorium that prohibits financial institutions from going anywhere near cryptocurrency that has been routed through a mixer (a way to randomize cryptocurrency transactions to make them private).

#AntiquitiesAct – Happy birthday to the Antiquities Act! Here is a deep dive from IWF’s Gabriella Hoffman on the significance of this law.

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